Built for Technicians

As a professional Automotive Technician, you’re under pressure AND pressed for time. Water Pump U is your go-to resource for the latest technical information—the reliable source of knowledge that empowers you to rapidly and expertly troubleshoot, diagnose, and install water pumps.

Water Pump U promotes excellence: in-the-bay and as a source of excellent information—the excellence US Motor Works is known for. All US Motor Works product applications are designed and tested to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. We also use the highest quality materials to create a stronger body design with less corrosion. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in Water Pump U, with content that’s provided by experienced automotive industry professionals, and updated regularly.

Water Pump U offers the most advanced, comprehensive coverage for cooling system diagnostics and technical information—just like US Motor Works products cover the full range of water pumps. Visit Water Pump U often to catch the most recent technical bulletins, Tech Tips, blogs, how-to videos, and training programs. Water Pump U is committed to offering the most up-to-date tools busy professional technicians need to diagnose and repair today’s complex vehicle systems.

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