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The Importance of Refilling & Bleeding the Cooling System After Replacing a Thermostat

Performing work on the cooling system can be laborious; however, auto technicians must ensure the entire repair or replacement is completed fully. After replacing a thermostat, the technician should ensure all air pockets are removed from the cooling system. Read More

Common Size of Bolts Used for Attaching a Water Pump

Knowing the correct sizes of the nuts and bolts needed to attach the water pump can mean the difference between a 30-minute and a four-hour project. In some cases, customers may have brought in a vehicle missing some of these pieces, so you will not have the previous parts for comparison purposes. Read More

Why Is a New Water Pump Not Cooling?

Before installing a new water pump, ensure that the pump does not have any manufacturing defects.

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Check the Thermostat First

When a vehicle owner arrives reporting a problem with the engine overheating, the immediate assumption is a problem with the water pump. However, a problem within the cooling system should be identified using a specific sequence, beginning with the parts most accessible and easiest to check.

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How Does an Electric Water Pump Function?

There are two general classes of water pumps: electric powered and belt powered. Electric water pumps utilize the vehicle's electrical current to drive the water pump motor.

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